Details on Denmark Ban

Posted in News, tagged with C-19, Coronavirus, covid, travel, on November 9, 2020

As you know, people coming to/returning to the UK must quarantine for 14-days unless it is from a travel corridor country.

For those countries that are not in the travel corridor the exemption for
commercials productions – see Coronavirus update #57, #59 and #60 on
our website – apply to directors, DoPs and actors attending shoots.

On Friday night the Government announced a unique restriction for
Denmark that came into effect on Saturday (6th November 2020),
prohibiting anyone who has been in Denmark in the past 14 days from
entering the UK, except for British Nationals or residents who will be
permitted to return but must self-isolate for a period of 14-days, along
with their households.

So for Denmark none of the exemptions apply for anyone – not for
directors, DoP’s, actors or lorry drivers, doctors or diplomats.

The Government made that decision because they were informed that a
variant strain of Coronavirus was spreading from mink farms in
Denmark. This shows there are unpredictable factors in relation to
COVID and that shooting in the UK with a UK based director, DoP and
actors is the lowest risk option (if that can be made to work for the
creative and budget).